Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greek Gigantes

The Hekatoncheires (Ἑκατόγχειρες), or Centimanes (Latin), the Hundred-Handed Ones, giant gods of violent storms and hurricanes. Three sons of Uranus and Gaea, each with their own distinct characters.
Briareus or Aigaion (Βριάρεως), The Vigorous
Cottus (Κόττος), The Furious
Gyges (Γύγης), The Big-Limbed
Agrius (Ἄγριος), a man-eating Thracian giant who was half-man and half-bear
Alcyoneus (Ἀλκυονεύς), the king of the Thracian giants, who was slain by Heracles
Aloadae (Αλοάδαι), twin giants who attempted to storm heaven
Otos (Ότος)
Ephialtes (Εφιάλτης)
Antaeus (Ανταίος), a Libyan giant who wrestled all visitors to the death until he was slain by Heracles
Argus Panoptes (Ἄργος Πανόπτης), a hundred-eyed giant tasked with guarding over Io
Cyclopes (Elder), three one-eyed giants who forged the lightning-bolts of Zeus
Arges (Ἄργης)
Brontes (Βρόντης)
Steropes (Στερόπης)
Cyclopes (Younger), a tribe of one-eyed, man-eating giants who shepherded flocks of sheep on the island of Sicily
Polyphemus (Πολύφημος), a cyclops who briefly captured Odysseus and his men, only to be overcome and blinded by the hero
Enceladus (Εγκέλαδος), one of the Thracian giants who made war on the gods
The Gegenees (Γεγενεες), a tribe of six-armed giants fought by the Argonauts on Bear Mountain in Mysia
Geryon (Γηρυών), a three-bodied, four-winged giant who dwelt on the red island of Erytheia
The Laestrygonians (Λαιστρυγόνες), a tribe of man-eating giants encountered by Odysseus on his travels
Orion (Ωρίων), a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion
Porphyrion (Πορφυρίων), the king of the Gigantes who was struck down by Heracles and Zeus with arrows and lightning-bolts after he attempted to rape Hera
Talos (Τάλως), a giant forged from bronze by Hephaestus, and gifted by Zeus to his lover Europa as her personal protector
Tityos (Τίτυος), a giant slain by Apollo and Artemis when he attempted to violate their mother Leto.
Typhon (Τυφῶν), a monstrous immortal storm-giant who was defeated and imprisoned in the pits of Tartarus

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