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Greek Sea Deities

Sea deities
Aegaeon (Αιγαίων), god of violent sea storms and ally of the Titans
Acheilos (Αχειλος), shark-shaped sea spirit
Amphitrite (Αμφιτρίτη), sea goddess and consort of Poseidon
Benthesikyme (Βενθεσικύμη), daughter of Poseidon, who resided in Ethiopia
Brizo (Βριζώ), patron goddess of sailors, who sent prophetic dreams
Ceto (Κῆτώ), goddess of the dangers of the ocean and of sea monsters
Charybdis (Χάρυβδις), a sea monster and spirit of whirlpools and the tide
Cymopoleia (Κυμοπόλεια), a daughter of Poseidon married to the Giant Briareus
Delphin (Δέλφιν), the leader of the dolphins, Poseidon placed him in the sky as the constellation Delphin
Eidothea (Ειδοθέα), prophetic sea nymph and daughter of Proteus
Glaucus (Γλαῦκος), the fisherman's sea god
Gorgons (Γοργόνες), three monstrous sea spirits
Stheno (Σθεννώ)
Euryale (Εὐρυάλη)
Medusa (Μέδουσα), the only mortal of the three
The Graeae (Γραῖαι), three ancient sea spirits who personified the white foam of the sea; they shared one eye and one tooth between them
Deino (Δεινώ)
Enyo (Ενυώ)
Pemphredo (Πεμφρεδώ)
The Harpies (Ηάρπυιαι), winged spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind
Aello (Αελλώ) or Aellope (Αελλώπη) or Aellopous (Αελλόπους)
Ocypete (Ωκυπέτη) or Ocypode (Ωκυπόδη) or Ocythoe (Ωκυθόη)
Podarge (Ποδάργη) or Podarke (Ποδάρκη)
Celaeno (Κελαινώ)
Nicothoe (Νικοθόη)
Hippocampi (ἱπποκαμπος), the horses of the sea they are half horse with the tail of a fish
The Ichthyocentaurs (Ιχθυοκένταυροι), a pair of centaurine sea-gods with the upper bodies of men, the lower fore-parts of horses, ending in the serpentine tails of fish
Bythos (Βύθος) "sea depth"
Aphros (Άφρος) "sea foam"
Karkinos (Καρκίνος), a giant crab who allied itself with the Hydra against Heracles. When it died, Hera placed it in the sky as the constellation Cancer.
Ladon (Λάδων), a hundred-headed sea serpent who guarded the western reaches of the sea, and the island and golden apples of the Hesperides
Leucothea (Λευκοθέα), a sea goddess who aided sailors in distress
Nereides (Νηρηίδες), sea nymphs
Thetis (Θέτις), leader of the Nereids who presided over the spawning of marine life in the sea
Arethusa (Αρετούσα), a daughter of Nereus who was transformed into a fountain
Galene (Γαλήνη), goddess of calm seas
Psamathe (Πσαμάθη), goddess of sand beaches
Nereus (Νηρέας), the old man of the sea, and the god of the sea's rich bounty of fish
Nerites (Νερίτης), a sea spirit who was transformed into a shell-fish by Aphrodite
Oceanus (Ὠκεανός), Titan god of the Earth-encircling river Oceanus, the font of all the Earth's fresh-water
Palaemon (Παλαίμων), a young sea god who aided sailors in distress
Phorcys (Φόρκυς), god of the hidden dangers of the deep
Pontos (Πόντος), primeval god of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures
Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν), king of the sea and lord of the sea gods; also god of rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses
Proteus (Πρωτεύς), a shape-shifting, prophetic old sea god, and the herdsman of Poseidon's seals
Scylla (Σκύλλα), monstrous sea goddess
The Sirens (Σειρῆνες), sea nymphs who lured sailors to their death with their song
Aglaope (Αγλαόπη) or Aglaophonos (Αγλαόφωνος) or Aglaopheme (Αγλαοφήμη)
Himerope (Ίμερόπη)
Leucosia (Λευκοσία)
Ligeia (Λιγεία)
Molpe (Μολπή)
Parthenope (Παρθενόπη)
Peisinoe (Πεισινόη) or Peisithoe (Πεισιθόη)
Raidne (Ραίδνη)
Teles (Τέλης)
Thelchtereia (Θελχτήρεια)
Thelxiope (Θελξιόπη) or Thelxiepeia (Θελξιέπεια)
The Telchines (Τελχινες), sea spirits native to the island of Rhodes; the gods killed them when they turned to evil magic
Actaeus (Ακταιος)
Argyron (Αργυρών)
Atabyrius (Αταβύριος)
Chalcon (Χαλκών)
Chryson (Χρυσών)
Damon (Δαμων) or Demonax (Δημώναξ)
Damnameneus (Δαμναμενεύς)
Dexithea (Δεξιθέα), mother of Euxanthios by Minos
Lycos (Λύκος) or Lyktos (Λύκτος)
Lysagora (Λυσαγόρα)?
Makelo (Μακελώ)
Megalesius (Μεγαλήσιος)
Mylas (Μύλας)
Nikon (Νίκων)
Ormenos (Ορμενος)
Simon (Σίμων)
Skelmis (Σκελμις)
Tethys (Τηθύς), wife of Oceanus, and the mother of the rivers, springs, streams, fountains and clouds
Thalassa (Θάλασσα), primeval spirit of the sea and consort of Pontos
Thaumas (Θαῦμας), god of the wonders of the sea
Thoosa (Θόοσα), goddess of swift currents
Triteia (Τριτεια), daughter of Triton and companion of Ares
Triton (Τρίτων), fish-tailed son and herald of Poseidon
Tritones (Τρίτωνες), fish-tailed spirits in Poseidon's retinue

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