Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seers from Greek Mythology

Amphilochus (Αμφίλοχος), a seer and brother of Alcmaeon who died in the war of the Seven Against Thebes
Anius, son of Apollo who prophesied that the Trojan War would be won in its tenth year
Branchus, a seer and son of Apollo
Calchas, an Argive seer who aided the Greeks during the Trojan War
Carnus, an Acarnanian seer and lover of Apollo
Carya, a seer and lover of Dionysus
Cassandra, a princess of Troy cursed to see the future but never to be believed
Ennomus, a Mysian seer, killed by Achilles during the Trojan War
Halitherses, an Ithacan seer who warned Penelope's suitors of Odysseus' return
Helenus, seer and twin brother of Cassandra, who later became king of Epirus
Iamus, a son of Apollo possessing the gift of prophecy, he founded the Iamidai
Idmon, a seer who sailed with the Argonauts
Manto, seer and daughter of Tiresias
Melampus, a legendary soothsayer and healer, and king of Argos
Mopsus, the name of two legendary seers
Phineas, son of Poseidon with the gift of prophecy who was blinded by Zeus for giving away too much of the gods' plans
Polyeidos, a Corinthian seer who saved the life of Glaucus
Telemus, a seer who foresaw that the Cyclops Polyphemus would be blinded by Odysseus
Theoclymenus, an Argive seer
Thestor, the father of Calchas
Tiresias, blind prophet of Thebes

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